High Efficiency Furnaces

Any method that is used to make the extreme Winters of Canada comfortable is welcomed by the residents. People are finding more advanced and fast solutions to attain the desired indoor atmosphere in less time. This is why even after manufacturing Boilers and the presence of electric and gas heaters, the technology didn't take rest and keep on producing new inventions to increase the comfort level of homeowners.

Furnace is basically a gadget that is used for high-temperature, wide area heating. It is a more advanced and optimized solution as compared to the previous chain of heating appliances in this line. And by knowing and observing the exceptions Forced Air Furnaces are providing, people are shifting in groups to install this beneficial appliance at their residencies and workplaces.
Let us discuss few major and important points of having a Furnace:

More Efficient Solution:

A central heating Furnace as compared to traditional heating appliances is more efficient and effective. It uses combustion mechanism to produce the heat desired for maintaining the indoor temperature. The time spent on complete home heating is reduced by this regulated operation.

Safe and Customized:

Installing a Furnace is safer than gas heaters/boilers. The damage a simple negligence in using these heating appliances could bring is beyond compensation. Therefore one must invest in something productive as well as safe for the household.

Cost Effective Appliance:

A Forced Air Furnace needs one-time investment and if that is made at the right place, future investments can be saved. For example, Furnace is simple and needs simple regular maintenance tasks which can be easily done with DIY.
Similarly, there is a significant change in the electricity bills if you install a Furnace as a heating appliance.

No Compatibility Issues:

Forced Air Furnaces operate equally fine with other HVAC appliances installed at your home. Like if you have central vacuum system or central air conditioning units already installed, you can induct a central furnace anytime easily.

These are quite little benefits of choosing furnace as a heating appliance for your home or workplaces. The next important and major issue is choosing quality furnace. Because, an appliance with a poor performance is as if there’s no appliance at all. Therefore one must spend time in this step of choosing such a furnace that accurately suffices user’s all needs and comes in the budget requirements easily as well.
Let us discuss few types of furnaces available:

Types of Central Furnaces

Furnaces come with different features but mainly all fall in following three categories.
●  Single Stage Furnace
●  Two Stage Furnaces
●  Variable Speed Furnaces

Single Stage Furnace
❖  Single Stage Furnaces come with limited functionality
❖  They are the cheapest of all the different types of furnaces available in the market
❖  They work like a single bit. Because they can either be ON or OFF. There is nothing in between these two operations
❖  Due to limited work compatibility, they can be troublesome in some situations mainly of which are the electric bills due to its heavy and constant operation

Two Stage Furnaces
❖  Two-stage furnaces operate at two different stages (speeds)
❖  These are much optimized and cost-effective solution as compare to the single stage furnace
❖  In extremely cold weather the two-stage furnace operates at its highest possible speed
❖  In other conditions, it operates at a normal of 50 to 60% of its speed limit
❖  Two-stage furnaces are good for weather flexible areas. The places where you need more temperature control than otherwise.

Variable Speed Furnace:
❖  These are the most desired furnaces available because they give the highest degree of control and comfort
❖  Variable Speed Furnace comes with speed variability option. This means you can set the temperature to any desired value you want
❖  Variable Speed Furnaces are energy and cost-effective solution
❖  Performance is equally effective for large or small areas
❖  Variable Speed Furnace is expensive than other two types but are suitable in all cases and situations. Therefore if you can afford and want more functionality and flexibility you must go for a variable speed furnace.

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